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Trauma Services

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) is an evidence-based treatment for children and adolescents impacted by trauma and their parents or caregivers. Research shows that TF-CBT successfully resolves a broad array of emotional and behavioral difficulties associated with single, multiple and complex trauma experiences.

Dependent on the age group of the child I serve will determine the way I carry out the therapy model.  Since I also work with young children, with children under the age of 6, much of my work is done through play.  Many times, we see trauma and challenging past events/chronic stress come out in our child's play.  My role is to help support the child in learning strategies to cope in order to manage the stress of past trauma that has negatively impacted their ability to function.  My hope is to help give children a voice through their play in order to support them in feeling safe, secure and cared for.  My role is also to support caregivers in education of trauma and how to pass along coping strategies to use in the home to assist with positive child/adult interactions and allow the child to continue to feel safe and secure in all aspects of their life (home, school, community, etc...)

Trauma has so many different lenses and I try to make children and caregivers feel as though someone is there to support them in the process.  There can be a light at the end of the tunnel.  It is so important for both caregivers and children to know they have support in working through all the feelings and emotions due to dealing with stresses that have happened in their lives.  I am here to help and support you in a non-judgement and caring manner.

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